Lismore placenta encapsulation specialist in dedicate work space

From birth to capsules, your placenta is properly handled and cared for.

Placenta Care

Once you’ve booked you will receive more information about proper handling and storage of your placenta. If you book in early enough, I will send a placenta storage and transport kit.

Expert Training

I did my initial training with the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) in 2013. I hold certificates in bloodborne pathogen prevention and food safety handling. I am also fully certified with The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA). I continue my professional development to ensure my practices adhere to world standards in safety and sanitation for placenta preparation.

Safety and Sanitation Are Paramount

Your health and safety are my primary concern. I am fully trained and adhere to strict sanitation protocols. I have a purpose-built placenta workspace and I use the highest quality equipment. I use single use supplies or stainless steel, glass and food grade plastic that can be fully sanitised with industrial strength bleach. Hospital grade approved wipes and/or bleach are used on bench tops and surfaces and on non-submersible equipment. After the designated time frames, everything is rinsed to remove any bleach residue.

Only One Placenta at a Time is Processed

You can rest assured that I only ever process one placenta at a time. I adhere to the strict sanitation protocols so that my workspace is fully disinfected after each placenta is processed. My sanitation methods meet the requirements set by OSHA and APPA.