“My milk supply is fantastic, which was one of the main reasons I was keen to give encapsulation a go as I had lots of supply issues with my first baby. Also hormones are great too, I’m yet to have a “bad” or “emotional” day which is huge considering I have a newborn and 2 year old!” (Jeri)

“The placenta pills are having a really positive effect on my mood and I’ve got more energy this time around. I didn’t get any baby blues and I’m surprised how good I am feeling for having a 3 week old AND a toddler!” (Tiff)

“I’m amazed at how fast I have recovered after giving birth. I feel the placenta pills have played a huge part in this! I absolutely love my baby’s heart shaped cord keepsake, its beautiful. Thank you!” (Catherine)

“Every time I took a placenta pill I would notice a surge in energy and felt capable to get through the day even when I hadn’t slept much. I was also very quick to heal after birth too. Thank you for your service, I was happy someone local & qualified could provide this for me.” (Kirrilly)

“I highly valued the quick and thorough service you provided me. The placenta pills helped me feel fantastic after birth and they eased the transition to first time motherhood.” (Sarah W.)

“I have had excellent levels of energy and had many people comment on how well I look as a mother of a newborn. I totally recommend hiring Kirrah to do your placenta encapsulation. It is a worthwhile commitment to your postnatal health and well-being!” (Alicia)

“The placenta pills are amazing. My bleeding stopped soon after birth and I have got a huge amount of milk supply!” (Amber A)

“Everything is going so well. Thank you for making my placenta pills so quickly. I feel they have really helped!!!” (Tara)

TestimonialHolly“I went through postnatal depression after the birth of my first 2 babies so I decided to have my placenta encapsulated with number 3. It made a huge difference. The capsules give me so much energy and my iron levels are great for the first time in my adult life! I would recommend it to anyone about to have a baby” Thanks again! (Holly)

“My milk is abundant and energy levels are amazing! I cannot thank you enough for my placenta capsules- it’s the most wonderful supplement ever!” (Morgaan)

“Kirrah thank you so very much! I just received my package & it’s so beyond beautiful. I appreciate all the efforts you have gone to to ensure the journey commencing right this moment can be as nourishing as possible for me & my baby.” (Sami)

“Having already had one baby without the help of my “happy pills” and now being able to compare how I feel WITH them- the difference is truly amazing. My milk came in quickly and my baby is so healthy. My placenta capsules help me feel on top of the world!” (Sylvia)